Your powers and how to develop them

“…the human individual thus lives
far within his limits. He possesses powers of various sorts
which he habitually fails to use.”

—William James, “The Energies of Men”

Everybody talks about the amazing powers of the human mind, and they’re right. But
it’s not just ESP or Telepathy or any of the other “sexy” powers that are amazing.

The human mind has other astounding powers,too. Our minds have many abilities which we use everyday, so effortlessly that we don’t even know that we are using them. Like the power to remember things, the power to concentrate, the power to pay attention, the power to imagine things. Do they sound ordinary and humdrum?

Don’t dismiss them just yet – with proper training and used well, they can enable us to do things which look impossible or miraculous. They can also help us to become successful, healthy, and wealthy.

The Amazing powers of your mind

These are the powers that every human mind is gifted with:

The ability to become aware of our surroundings through our senses, and then to organize, structure and interpret the sensations we receive so that we can make sense of the world. Read more about perception here.

Everything in human civilization was at first an idea in someone’s head. Imagination enables us create new worlds and ideas that don’t (yet) exist. Imagination is where our world takes birth.
But imagination has surprisingly practical applications which can help you in what you want to do. Find out more here.

Creativity is not something a few lucky people are born with. It’s something you were born with, and there are ways to bring it out. to learn about a little-known creative technique, click here.

The art of persuasion—the ability to influence others—is an extremely valuable skill. Work or play, people or politics, if you can get people to see things your way, you’re a good way along to success. Here are some ideas about influence, and how to acquire it.

The results we get in anything we do depends on how much and how well we can pay attention. This is a skill that we must develop. It’s a critically important ability, that affects everything in our lives, our careers, our health, our relationships. More about attention on this page.

The process by which we store everything we see, hear, smell, touch and taste, and by which we bring these impressions back to mind whenever we need them. In a sense, memory is what we are. Learn more about memory here

The human mind is a treasure house of vast powers that we have only begun to use. Of more practical importance, it is being demonstrated more and more convincingly that these powers can be strengthened and intensified. So being dumb or smart is now amatter of choice!

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Free e-book tells you How to get the life YOU want ...and LIVE your greatest dreams!
Free e-book tells you How to get the life YOU want ...and LIVE your greatest dreams!

Free e-book tells you How to get the life YOU want ...and LIVE your greatest dreams!
Free e-book tells you How to get the life YOU want ...and LIVE your greatest dreams!