How to Improve Concentration

Improving your focus and concentration involves both mind and body. Changing an old habit or building a new one may help. But it hardly covers all the ground. Real focus and concentration are a whole other ballgame



Why it’s important to improve concentration and focus


So how do you get better focus and concentration?

– Know your mind

– The states of your mind

Looking into the Mind

– The Doorways to the Mind

– How the Mind Works

Attention: Awareness with Intent

– Making the Choice

– The Gymnasium of the Mind

Mental workouts


The Neglected part of Focus-Building


Improving Concentration and Focus: Some Guidelines

Read on to learn the basics of how the mind works, how thoughts arise in the mind, how they can be regulated. And how to get unshakeable focus and concentration.

Back when I was starting out as a visualizer in an ad agency in Dubai, I remember being quite mystified by the boss telling me, “You’ve got to concentrate, Prakash.” Concentrate? On what? Just generally concentrate?
On the other hand, when I was absorbed in something, people found it difficult to get me to respond. My brother-in-law once told me that I had great powers of concentration.
So who was right? What was going on here?
Then I began to understand. It was a matter of focus.

Focus: What is focus?

Focus is fixing your mind on one single thing.
When you’re not focused—that is, you’re not concentrating—you don’t see things that clearly. You have a rough idea of what the thing is. You know the colors, the general shape, but that’s it. You can’t tell anything more about it.
When you’re focused, your awareness is centered on that one thing. It becomes really clear, and you can see all the details. Everything else is blurred. When you’re really focused it’s almost as if nothing else exists. That’s why, when I was really into something, I wouldn’t hear people calling me until they made quite a nuisance of themselves.
But it wasn’t under my control. I couldn’t turn it off or on at will. Real ability to concentrate is fully under one’s control. It can be learned. You can improve your concentration.

Why it’s important to improve concentration and focus.

If you build up your powers of concentration and focus, you’ll see things other people don’t. The more you can focus, the clearer things will be. The more clearly you see things the more effective your work will be.
With the ordinary, everyday level of focus, you can get by—only just. If you develop a high ability to concentrate, you can do things that you couldn’t even dream about otherwise.

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