You can choose what to pay attention to.
This is your power of focus.
It is among the most important
of your mental powers.

The key is attention.

For example, a young boy gets interested in superhero comic books. He is fascinated by the drawings. He begins to pay attention to how the muscles of the human body are drawn. He begins to study anatomy on his own. Soon he can make very realistic drawings of the human body.

Now he knows a lot more about the human body than most little boys of his age. His interest takes him further into the study of the human body. As he grows up, he becomes interested in medicine. As a grown-up he lives a happy, busy life as a doctor.

How did this happen? It was the power of focus, attention. He began to pay attention to something that took his interest. This began to grow in his mind. Soon it was so powerful that it was impossible not to do something about it. As he began to take action, it grew more and more powerful, till it became the most important thing to him. The result was his success and achievements in life.

The takeaway from this little tale is this. Attention paid to an aspect of life brings that aspect to life.

How focus works

What we focus on tends to grow in our minds. In time, it becomes real in our lives. Focus on negative thoughts, and you’re getting ready for an unhappy life. Shift your focus to positive thoughts, and you will feel the difference. It will be like a gloomy, cloudy sky suddenly clearing up to reveal a bright, sunshiny day.

A negative focus will influence your talk and actions. Your actions, repeated, will bring about bad habits. Bad habits will have unhappy results. Your talk and behaviour will attract others who focus on negative emotions and events. The total effect of such lives is a lot of suffering and unhappiness.

On the other hand, focus on positive thoughts makes our talk and actions positive too. You will attract people who are also focussed on positivity. Your actions will result in good habits. Your whole life will be tuned to bringing good things into your life.

Earl Nightingale’s famous recording of the fifties, “The Strangest Secret” expands on this theme. Other works also talk about the power of focus. The 1902 self-help classic, “As a man thinketh” by James Allen. The movie and book “The Secret”.

Choose to focus on the positive

We have made a habit of thinking in certain ways. These habits must be looked at. The harmful parts of them must be removed. They must be replaced with healthy ways. This will lead us on to happiness, wealth and prosperity.

Our new thought habits will affect not only our own lives. Those around us will also feel the difference.. All those who come in contact with us will take away a little something. Something that will create happiness in their lives.

The important thing to remember is that we have the choice. It is easy to say, “I can’t control my thoughts and what they are about.” But that is a choice too.

Make a conscious decision now. Focus on those things that are good for you and for those you love.

Your power of focus is yours, and yours alone. And yours alone is the choice of how to use it.

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